The love fest is over


The love fest is over

The love fest between Tim Wilson, Julia Banks and Frank Greenstein is over.

Goldstein MP Tim Wilson has done everything the left want. He supports them on all their policy positions, he went onto GetUp TV and he is an active participant in the Parliament House pride scene.

Yet for all that, the “voices of” movement is targeting Tim, gaining a huge momentum in his own seat to push him out.

Just a few years ago Frank Greenstein, Julia Banks and Tim Wilson were a political power team. What happened?

Perhaps Frank Greenstein’s money and appeal can’t compete with the Rothfield Trust, which has poured money into Julia Banks’ campaign to unseat Greg Hunt, and now the Rothfields have turned on their own. A sea of left wing street walkers are gathering in Goldstein to push out lefty Tim Wilson!

Tim Wilson is now in real trouble, with a popular independent candidate gaining major support, including from his former comrade Julia Banks.

Tim went to the media complaining that The Greens and the ALP have all taken to wearing purple in support of the Voices of “independent” candidate. No one seems to be out wearing blue in support of Tim.

The question is being asked, “Where is Tim’s mate Frank Greenstein now?” Tim needs Frank’s backing because he isn’t getting much from the Party other than $9000 worth of booth materials. It is an open secret that Robert Clark has lost most of the proceeds from the sale of “104”, leaving him begging the Cormack Foundation for some of the money that they are giving Canberra rather than Victoria.

Locals are saying they’ve had enough of the Tim Wilson, saying he’s made big promises but has not delivered.

Maybe Tim should become a Liberal and drop the “Modern”. Although judging by private polling, things are not looking good.

Perhaps Frank is a shrewd investor who knows when it’s time to cut the strings. After all, reports about Tim’s hubris and activities in Canberra might as well be his political suicide.

Certainly local Liberals and party members are reluctant to act. As Ian Mence once said, “They vote with their feet.”

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