The mystery of Kerry Beard

The mystery of Kerry Beard

Liberal Party members have been shocked to discover that a few IT savvy sleuths are preparing to demand the State Director investigate Jan Cooper for using false Facebook profiles to harass members not in her faction.

Members have recently been receiving requests and abusive comments from a false Facebook profile belonging to Kerry Beard. However, one smart cookie outsmarted “Kerry” and says they have convincing evidence who the person is that is responsible for the cyber bullying with the fake account.

Members have been taking a flurry of screen shots and investigating Kerry’s Facebook friends, and members are putting together the information which is planned to be submitted to Sam McQuestin in coming days.

The false “Kerry Beard” profile in question has an image of a cat and has been linked to the “Dingo” Facebook group made up of other fake Facebook accounts of Australian animals. Members have collected screen shots of Ian Quick, Kerri White, Liam Sheahan, David Everist, John Renyard, Robert Thompson, Marg Hawker, Cath Finn and Jan Cooper’s activities in this cyber bullying ring.

“Unfortunately there is a real Kerry Beard in the party which makes this anonymous, gutless attack all the more hurtful,” a leading Liberal said.

“I find it disgusting that Ian Quick is involved,” another member said.

An active participant in online discussions has commented, “I have deleted her from my friends list and I suggest you all do the same.”

The genuine Kerry Beard also uses a cat picture on her profile.

Members are being invited to examine whether they have been contacted by other Kerry Beard accounts.

The exposing of the Dingo group has allowed members to be aware of and monitor the activities of other Dingo group participants for some time. None of the current administrators of the Web Warriors Facebook group appear to be active in the Dingo group.

Below is a past screen shot showing Jan Cooper’s participation in the Dingo cyber bullying and fake Facebook profile ring.

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