The silence is deafening

The silence is deafening


Victorian Liberals should be truly alarmed at the prospect of yet another Labor term under Daniel Andrews at the next state election. Labor’s depth of lies, gross mismanagement of money, social disruption tactics, damaging cultural re-engineering policies, and killing of livelihoods is staggering! The politically driven devastation will take decades to unwind and repair – if ever.

In the meantime the Victorian Liberal Party has a newly elected parliamentary opposition leader – Matthew Guy. This change has been made to give the party a better chance of winning the next state election.

The flip-flopping State Director has already formally acknowledged this key change of leadership to each party member.

Strangely though, to date, the membership have heard nothing about this key change from the peak Administrative Committee or party president Robert Clark, despite being directly so vocal about copious inane minutiae in the public domain for years.

Real leaders who claim to want to win the next state election by uniting the savagely divided party would put out a public message of support.

Indeed, it would be appropriate for the whole Administrative Committee to publish to the entire party membership a unified unanimous message of support for Matthew Guy – individually signed by every member of the Administrative Committee.

But alas, the silence is deafening, leaving members to wonder if the current elected administrative leaders are serious at all about winning, and of providing a real chance to save Victoria from a fate worse than death.

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