The truth must come out

The truth must come out

Teacher from the Bleacher – Reporting for Dingo Digger 

Robert Clark and Ian Quick have spent weeks rabbiting on about viral emails and illegal websites. This week they have stepped up efforts to hunt down detractors. State Director Sam McQuestin has been on the phone to anyone and everyone who has expressed a negative opinion about Clark, Quick or their allies. 

Members have been summoned to front the Administrative Committee and subsequently suspended on the suspicion that they might have contributed to these so called “scandalous” publications.

On Thursday night electorate chairman Jack Sullivan and former Administrative Committee member Fred Ackerman were suspended pending State Assembly. Both men were not afforded a hearing by the Administrative Committee, and have become the latest victims of the injudicious factionalism within the party.  

While Robert suspends those whom criticise him in private emails, Robert uses his Party wide email to peddle factional missives to every member in the Victorian Division. Gone are the days of David Kemp and Tony Snell where the Presidents sorted disputes behind closed doors.

The website has provided members the chance to share their thoughts without facing the wrath of those ruling the party organisation. Sadly anonymity is the only way to share an opinion in today’s Victorian Division.

Meanwhile some members are free to speak their minds. Here’s another (groan) erudite (sarcasm) contribution from Mr Finn. We call on anyone with information on Mr Finn to contact the Dingo Digger using the contact form on this website. Stay tuned for a tell all feature on Mr Finn. Any photos or screenshots are also welcome if you write to request the email address.

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