Theresa May recruitment a money waste


Theresa May recruitment a money waste

Members of the Victorian Liberal Party are incensed that the Admin Committee majority has decided to deplete much needed funds by engaging former British Prime Minister Theresa May to recruit more women into leadership in the Liberal Party.

One leading member said, “It is astounding that Admin thinks Ms May is a ‘secret weapon’ to participation and representation in the Vic Libs. What is the party coming to? Is this the best use of scarce resources given there are elections to fight?”

“We don’t need some failed politician to come and lecture us about recruiting and promoting women,” another member said.

“Women throughout the party and in leadership positions are rightly offended that we need some foreigner to tell us to do what we are already doing. Has anyone looked at the party lately? There are more female members than male members attending all meetings. There are more females being preselected than males.”

A senior party figure from Country Victoria said, “Jess Wilson, Sharn Coombes and many others have been preselected on their own merits. It is absolute rubbish that women need a ‘leg up’ in this party.”

They also said, “This smacks of the same sort of patronising attitude we have come to expect from Ian Quick and Robert Clark who think the members are ‘terribly naïve’ and view their own rank and file members as ‘voting ticket takers’.”

Several members are planning to call on minority members on Admin to work to overturn this arrangement, as the members have become increasingly hostile to Robert Clark’s “brain farts” and throwing away much needed electioneering funds.

It would also be helpful for members with clout to call on the Federal Secretariat to intervene in Victoria as this latest development is set to rob marginal Federal seats of much needed funds.

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