Tim Wilson MP involved in prayer room sex romp

Tim Wilson MP involved in prayer room sex romp

Twitter blew up when Tom the Whistleblower came out with the dirt on various gay staffers masturbating on conservative female MP’s desks.

At the time Peta Credlin also confirmed the story, saying that she knew of certain staffers who were unprofessional and badly behaved.

Even though one staffer lost his job, certain figures in the gay community and media worked to out the then anonymous “Blowing Tom”. The whistleblower admitted that he too had partaken in sexual encounters at Parliament House, including in the prayer room.

While Tom has continued to expose and commentate on happenings within and without Parliament, particularly about the extraordinary hubris of failed MP Julia Banks, nothing has been more controversial than Tom’s insistence that one particular sitting MP has been involved in sex acts in the Parliamentary prayer room.

Tom says he has information from the gay social media app Scruff, where Tim Wilson maintains a profile.

Tom says he has footage of a person performing oral sex on Tim Wilson MP in the Parliamentary prayer room.

Tim Wilson is yet to come out and deny it is him.

Tom’s information is entirely credible and the evidence is damning. These activities are unacceptable from a Federal Member and if true Mr Wilson should immediately announce that he is leaving Parliament at the end of this term.

Mr Wilson has also been exposed in association with a Chinese person of interest. Male honeypot Ivan Sun has had liaisons with Mr Wilson which may prove to be very sticky for Mr Wilson, considering Australia’s current position with China.

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