Top five heroes of the revolution

Top five heroes of the revolution

Matthew Guy is a team leader and has found a new wave of popular support and optimism within the party who are willing to forgive and overlook past mistakes. Having said that, Matthew could not have succeeded without some key movers and shakers rallying to his cause.


Bruce Atkinson has never much liked any parliamentary leader, in fact, Bruce doesn’t particularly like the Liberal Party. But this time the wily King of the East helped manufacture a changing of the guard not seen since Garibaldi marched on Rome.

Bruce might be going sooner rather than later, but he must be commended for doing the right thing in ending the cringeworthy O’Brien leadership.


In a not dissimilar light to Bruce, Bev has made an art form of falling out with Liberal Party members. Bev thrives in opposition and is sometimes called a “contrarian”. She was with Battin’s push earlier in 2021, but has moved right back into alignment with Matthew Guy, taking Richard Riordan with her.


Everyone’s favourite high school jock Timbo did the hard pulling to ensure that colleagues were on side. Timbo did the right thing in repairing his relationship with Ryan Smith, and as a team they have succeeding in ousting the worst opposition leader the Victorian Liberals have ever had (yes, even worse than dancing bear Robert Doyle).


Although sometimes vague, Nick knew that the cutting up of the Eastern Suburbs seats meant that he had to be awake and alert. His future in Parliament depends on the patronage of the Leader, and Nick knew full well that if Brad Battin couldn’t deliver in the short term, Matthew Guy would.

Nick therefore helped make sure that other parliamentary colleagues like Bridget Vallence saw the wisdom in coming onto the winning team. Nick’s excellent second-level support in the party room ensured that the numbers romped in for Matthew Guy, with even Brad Rowswell convinced that Guy was the future.


David Southwick’s natural alignment has been with the old powerbroker Frank Greenstein, who has been heavily invested in rallying support for Ian Quick’s faction. David was naturally part of the O’Brien team, but saw that for his star to really rise, he needed to make smart and strong decisions.

As a marginal seat holder, David had to make his grab and name a high price for supporting the change in leadership. David works tirelessly to get all the local press on side in Caulfield and has been doggedly holding his ground for the Liberal Party in his electorate.

David must be commended for holding firmly his position and for his rising success in hard times. He shows a lot of good potential for the future and you don’t have to be a broker to know you should invest with him.


With Matthew Guy being identified as a “shrewd political operator”, there has been a real change in the air within the Liberal Party. New branding and even making the news for calling for the end of lockdowns follows the school of Jeff Kennett’s “All news is good news” style.

New life in the parliamentary party must now translate into a change within the party’s headquarters, the administrative committee and parts of the wider party which have languished for years under Ian Quick’s undemocratic troublemaking. Robert Clark has bitterly refused to acknowledge Matthew Guy and is planning to cancel yet another State Council.

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