Unjabbed unwelcome at Senate preselection

Unjabbed unwelcome at Senate preselection

The Victorian Liberal Party has divorced democracy and torn up its own constitution.

After months of denial, the State Director is now confirming to members that those who have not been double jabbed are barred from attending the November 20th Senate preselection meeting.

Factional manipulator Ian Quick has calculated that while this rule will hinder some of his own supporters, particularly in the Western Metro area, it will more likely hurt supporters of candidates Anthony Mitchell, Simon Frost and Sarah Henderson.

However, it is apparent that Ian Quick has calculated that his blocks of voters as managed by Frank Greenstein, Georgie Crozier and a few other key factional lieutenants will tilt the balance in his favour in support of his preferred candidates.

Ian Quick has also calculated that the state wide membership random draw will have low uptake rate, and since redraws are less scrutinised, the entire system is open to a level of abuse as has never even been witnessed in the Labor Party.

Ian Quick is not one to hide his motives and already his boasts have been heard by grassroots members in Oakleigh and Wangaratta.

This is not about democracy or good practice but about Ian Quick trying to exert as much control over the process as possible. This is the man who told Robert Clark not to run a state council for well over two years. Ian Quick will stop at nothing to manipulate outcomes. With a guaranteed place in the Senate, the stakes are high.

The State Director is in a difficult position. He is trying to keep his job and yet comply with the extraordinary dictates of what many have now come to regard as a political megalomaniac. They don’t care about democracy, they don’t care about impartiality and they certainly don’t care if members go online and say they were blocked from participating in the Senate preselection by this dictatorial regime.

Will Robert Clark wake up to the fact that he has been led and guided down a particular path which is not in the interests of the party, the majority or sound democratic practice?

Ian Quick has shown he is a more rapacious follower of the ruthless medical apartheid agenda than Daniel Andrews. Inside members are expecting Ian Quick is going so far as to move standing orders to the effect that unjabbed members will not be able to participate in any party activities.

There are numerous ways around these issues but they are deliberately not being pursued.

In a time when cooperation, solidarity and togetherness were needed, Ian Quick has worked to guarantee only hardened factional, divisive and self-serving outcomes.

“I heard Ian Quick being described as Godzilla for being a big wrecker,” one senior party member said. “I prefer to call him Oppenheimer the destroyer of worlds.”

“I can understand why [candidate] is angry about this, I am too,” said another senior member.

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