Up and comers


Up and comers

For some positive news, members will be delighted to read about some of the up and comers the Victorian Liberal Party has to offer for the future.

Megan Purcell

Political hopeful, Megan Purcell, has a lot of life experience, including being a “rum girl”, an unsuccessful “farmer wants a wife” contestant on country TV and Army Reservist.

Megan has run for a Federal Seat and has delivered a diversified Future Leaders Program for the party. She receives public encouragement from fans, including mentorship from Jan Millard and a strong endorsement from young country mover and shaker, Alex Ballinger, who said, “she has tremendous assets, I wouldn’t mind getting doorknocked.”

Being savvy with media and online communications, Megan has worked hard with Hamish Jones and Ben Reeson, even offering future leader trainees the benefit of a “bonus session” to ensure they follow the rules on online commenting and participation.

Zach Lombardo

Zach is a well known name in Canberra. This young man is a keen cyclist who worked in in Taiwan before the pandemic and current China crisis. Liberals say he is one to watch with a brain to match his good looks.

As Margaret Fitzherbert says, it is time to not only look at gender quotas but also ethnicity quotas. Zach really ticks all those ethnicity boxes and will bring for future representation to the Liberal Party something which is desperately needed in order to diversify the party’s electoral line up.

David Mulholland

David is a well known favourite among the Liberal Party who follows in the path of his much loved mother, Jenny.

David also has a talented brother. Evan is a former staffer and communications director at the IPA. Evan is a savvy, cosmopolitan theatre-lover who understands how to articulate policy and is building up a profile for Federal politics.

Unlike his brother, David’s focus is on local politics. David is a family man and heavily involved in the day to day activities of the Liberal Party on the ground, networking with the likes of party household names Sean Armistead, Sali Miftari and Cathy Finn.

Rumour is the trio joined up at Cathy Finn’s birthday party again, supporting Hate Faction mascot Cathy as she played Hilary Clinton to her fumbling husband.

Irene Ling

Irene is a vocal local. She attends Crossway Baptist Church with her husband, with whom she also runs a successful business.

Well known in the Inner East, Irene is active in the party and is set, by all accounts, for great things.

Irene has a wide variety of supporters from across the party including Maria Ngo, Phil Brabin and Dr Don Graham.

Irene’s supporters come from a variety of backgrounds, including antivaxxers and traditional “John Howard” battlers and City Life Church attendees.

Moira Deeming

Some people may find Moria’s passion for social issues confronting, but the party clearly needs more leadership, input and conviction in its public interactions.

Moria is a great advantage to the party, being female and a smart communicator, she has the ability to tap into Western Metropolitan areas and help sway votes.

Moria promotes family values and has a supportive husband who together will help Moria go far up the political tree. One advantage that Moria has is that she has no strong political enemies within the party, which makes her an ideal candidate for a future contested position.

Probably the gutsiest thing Moria ever did was take a car drive in with Bernie Finn, take a selfie and mark herself as safe.

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