Upper house preselection plans

Upper house preselection plans

Leading media personalities and senior MPs have encouraged contenders for the Western Metropolitan Region to oust controversial and unpopular long term MP Bernie Finn.

With a high degree of probability that the Robert Clark-led Victorian Liberal Party Administration Committee with use its red tape, inside leverage and centralised control to protect Mr Finn, many members have indicated their interest in challenging and removing Mr Finn.

Some of the prospective challengers are currently supportive of Mr Finn, including Moria Deeming, Karina Okotel and Shaikh Hafizur Rahman.

A range of viable candidates from across Victoria have expressed their interest in replacing Bernie Finn, who has become increasingly volatile in his old age.

With quite a large field the factional boundaries will be blurred, unlike the Eastern Region battle where Ian Quick, Frank Greenstein, Georgie Crozier and Peter Angelico are backing party rule breaker Steve Holland against what people are saying are highly credible candidates, Renee Heath and Sue Smethurst.

In the West, Mr Finn has laughed off challenges as he believes his ingratiation with several ethnic minorities in the Western Metro are enough to not only stave off challengers but to deliver himself an increased majority at the expense of the majority view of the party.

While the Administration Committee has said it will not run exclusive preselections, in effect it will tighten, bend and break the rules in order to get its way. This is already noticeable with two new plans being hatched by Robert Clark and Ian Quick, where unvaccinated party members will be barred from attending preselections including Regional Electorate Council office bearers.

Observers believe that if enacted this would serve to purge delegates to create a majority who will support Ian Quick’s preferred candidates.

Internal factors within the party however seem to indicate that the pressure will be too much for Bernie Finn’s survival.

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