Vale Tim Wilson


=============================EMBARGOED 22/5/22=============================

Vale Tim Wilson

Colleagues and who’s who from across the Liberal Party are gathering quietly to mourn the passing of an MP, with Goldstein slipping out of the blue into the pink.

Former IPA wunderkind and human rights aficionado, Timothy Robert Wilson is said to be shattered after his dalliance with politics has come to its inevitable conclusion.

Party members may remember a thinner happy-go-lucky bloke who travelled the land, crunched numbers in the IPA’s back office and made guest appearances on early Bolt programs.

The wild trip to Canberra changed Tim, who once fought for freedom of speech, the right of giant corporations to produce coal and tobacco smoke and questioned Islam, to a man, or half man, who went agnostic on climate change, quiet on policy and heavy into woke politics.

This was the man who thought he could tell Turnbull what to do. This was the man who thought he could misbehave in the parliamentary prayer room. This was the man who want to out-left The Greens.

It is a sad time for all, but there are also some silver linings to Mr Wilson’s demise. For one, the new Voices Of candidate for the State seat of Brighton, James Newbury, is going to find his far left agenda a lot more difficult to prosecute. Members of the Islamic community will also be pleased that the sanctity of the parliamentary prayer room will no longer be violated.

Strangely enough, while Goldstein has been lost, modest positive swings have been noted in Wills, Gorton, Hawke, McEwen, Bruce, Holt, La Trobe, Deakin, Dunkley and Flinders.

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