Victoria Police arrest Chris Kounelis over missing MULC money

Victoria Police arrest Chris Kounelis over missing MULC money

Victoria Police are investigating former Melbourne University Liberal Club (MULC) executive member Chris Kounelis over the potential theft of $5,000. The missing money was identified by an executive audit of the club’s bank account in 2019. 

Chris Kounelis is a former MULC powerbroker and ally of former president and alleged bar room brawler Xavier Boffa. Full details here. The formerly all powerful “Bof Kons” ran the university club with an iron hand. The duo recruited strongly and maintained factional support from establishment Liberal Party figures such as former MP for Hawthorn John Pesutto.  

Chris Kounelis with Xavier Boffa
Chris Kounelis was the looks of the “Bof Kons”

According to a current MULC member Xavier was the brains and Chris was the looks. It would also appear that Chris was the bagman too.

Both young men spent a large amount of time ensuring their governing faction maintained control of the club. For this control they gained support from members of parliament, who provided employment opportunities in exchange for young volunteers campaigning in their electorates. According to one MULC member the “Bof Kons” spent most of the time playing politics in the club instead of fighting socialists on campus. 

Things changed when a new generation of university Liberals took over the executive. Xavier and Chris were replaced by new members seeking change. The new executive committee undertook a range of reviews to clean up bad behaviour and balance the books. During this period the missing money was picked up. 

The defeated “Bof Kons” moved their operation to a new entity entitled Victorian Liberal Students Association (VLSA). The association was meant to be a counter to the powerful Melbourne University Club. However the VLSA struggled to gain traction as no Liberal University clubs chose to associate with it. 

VLSA’s website is still “Coming Soon” in mid-2021

The Victoria Police were made aware of the missing money after the audit by the University Club. While the “Bof Kons” hosted a recruitment BBQ, the Victoria Police swooped. Two mounted police rode into the BBQ and cut off Chris Kounelis. 

Four police marched Chris Kounelis to a waiting police van. 

Chris Kounelis was taken to the police station and interviewed by detectives.

Chris was released after the police interview and vigorously denied wrong doing to several MULC members. According to a MULC member close to the club’s executive the issue is yet to be resolved, but understands Victoria Police are continuing their investigation. 

Meanwhile former president Xavier Boffa is due to stand trial later this year for an alleged assault. The case being run in South Australia involves a prominent MULC member who was allegedly glassed by Xavier at a function in Adelaide. The case is being closely watched by the university club and Liberal Party members.

Several MULC members said that violence had been witnessed in MULC meetings, and said that Kounelis and Boffa had caused irrevocable damage to MULC and the Young Liberals. Xavier Boffa is in the Ian Quick faction and consequently the Party’s current Administrative Committee seems to have protected Mr Boffa from any internal ramifications.

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