Victorian candidates fail


Victorian candidates fail

Another failed candidate!

With candidates falling by the wayside, and a secretariat that can’t replace them, a penetrating investigation needs to take place into what is going on within the Victorian Liberal Party.

An insider has revealed that State President Robert Clark and State Director Sam McQuestin are running silent even though it is well known they have endorsed and fielded several dud and questionable candidates for the federal election.

This could cost the party in Victoria enough votes to damage the entire federal campaign. It all comes back to the one who is ultimately responsible for this odd batch of candidates, none other than star chamber chair, Anthony Mitchell. The underemployed Anthony Mitchell was recruited by Karina Okotel to become their faction’s future architect. This so called management coach can’t even select a quality candidate. Instead, Mr Everywhere is too busy writing a PR campaign for his own party aspirations.

Every day new problems come to light with his hand chosen candidates.

Hotel proprietor, Robbie Beaton, who is running for Isaacs, lied about where he lives. In fact he lives 20km away from his electorate. Robbie Beaton was supposed to be a star Inga Peulich candidate, but vetting completely failed on the basics here.

Candidate for Scullin, Virosh Perera, is also under the spotlight after admitting he breached the law with his false Real Estate business and fake website. Said by locals to be a “nuff nuff”, members at least admire his entrepreneurial spirit.

Mira D’Silva, Robert Clark’s friend in Maribyrnong, had her promo video hurriedly pulled down after it was shown to not contain an authorisation statement.

Jadon Atkinson was clearly not vetted properly to the party’s new standards by Shandra Cohen and Anthony Mitchell after it was discovered that he was very open about his support of nationalist former senator Fraser Anning.

Unfortunately Ranj Perera, candidate for Holt, got caught having his corflute up in the wrong place on private property. It was a mistake, but the press ran 100 miles with the story.

There are issues around other candidates too, such as a Section 44 breach which is being covered up by Robert Clark, while another recent Victorian Liberal federal candidate, who had a Section 44 issue, is the subject of ongoing serious national security questions.

Sitting or experienced candidates are not immune from bad press either, but the above many examples are a powder keg that could have been avoided if proper checking was done and admin did not hold secretive, faction-based preselections.

Incompetent candidates, lack of effort from the secretariat and a state leadership ready to throw their own candidates under the bus – that’s what the Liberal Party in Victoria has fallen to. It’s time for Anthony Mitchell to own the problem. Step down.

“Even Ian Quick is smart enough to leave Anthony Mitchell holding the can on this one,” a senior party insider said.

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