Victorian Liberal members prepare for State Council


Victorian Liberal members prepare for State Council

Battered Ian Quick is relying on a small group of one hit wonders to keep himself as a viable candidate after senior factional groups have moved to oust Mr Quick from his current position of power.

The rumour mill has been churning as the details have come to light of Ian Quick’s unpopular motions he is preparing, which many on his own side believe are designed to give the wayward Ian Quick too much power on the Admin Committee.

Serious shifts are afoot as all sub-factional groupings are planning to put Ian Quick last on their respective State Council tickets. Ian Quick is being frozen out of intra-factional arrangements as he has been identified by Moderate Faction leaders as their weakest link.

This will put Ian Quick under heavy pressure to even retain his place on Admin itself. Forces aligned with Robert Clark have quietly discussed with their factional opposite numbers the options that will see several arrangements come into play, such as an agreement by all sides that Amanda Millar will be placed high on all factional tickets in case she does not win the Vice Presidency and secretly switching several names around on the day in order to oust Ian Quick loyalists.

There are still pockets of support for Ian Quick, including from Peter Angelico, Moria Deeming and accused vote rigger David Solly.

According to sources formerly aligned to Ian Quick on Admin, Ian Quick volunteered to step down from the vice presidential role knowing he had lost numbers. Mr Quick’s base in the inner East has also evaporated with one of his friends suggesting recently that “Ian should go into a dignified retirement rather than make a fool of himself with all these motions.”

With Ian Quick’s vacancy on Admin, knowledgeable pundits suggest the ones to watch are Geoff Gledhill and Nick McGowan with an outside chance for Mathew Knight.

Members are angry that this party meeting, which has been over two years in the coming, is a mere 20 days before Christmas. The prospect of Ian Quick breathing into the microphone and talking ad nauseam at delegates is also considered a big buzz kill. Meanwhile country Liberals are tied up cropping and hay bailing so turnout is not going to be the best.

The headline fight between crumpled Robert Clark and halcyonian Dinesh is going to be a repeat of the Daniel Andrews bill passing the upper house, with Hate Faction numbers in place for a Clark win.

Clark’s minions Holly Byrne, disgraced and alleged sexual predator Sean Armistead and Frank “cake whisperer” Greenstein have been straining themselves trying to find time-rich grannies they can wheel in for proxies.

An interesting split on the country male position sees a wannabee Nepean candidate fending off attacks from both David Lau and Andrew McNabb. McNabb, the well known cantankerous La Trobe warrior, has been hitting the phone hard while happy clapper Lau is praying for a miracle according to sources in the outer East.

Members will see many exciting match ups with the ballots, but it is expected Clark minus Ian Quick will win the day as Josh Frydenberg and his supporters remain deflated.

Only Ian Quick is enthusiastic about the onslaught of the 38 motions he personally will be driving through the afternoon session while most members’ minds will be on Christmas preparations.

The devil is in the detail with these motions, and it is only those who are foolish enough not to have read them – like Michelle Brewty – who actually think that they will be good for the party and its future.

State Director Sam McQuestin’s biggest concern is sabotage of the delegate sign in system, and he has reportedly hired extra security guards further eroding the party’s fiscal position.

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