Victorian Liberals must suspend Cr Holland


Victorian Liberals must suspend Cr Holland

Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland is bunkering down and calling in the superweapons after giving his political manifesto to respected local Mornington journalist Keith Platt.

Keith Platt broke the story, said to be as big as James Newbury’s coat, on Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland’s complaints about local candidate Chris Crewther and his friends.

Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland is a former local powerbroker and alleged peeping tom, who has long coveted David Morris’ job, has been forced into hiding and armchair commentary on a long list of alleged failings of local candidates and their supporters.

Instead of supporting the leader, Matt Guy, and helping win votes for the November election, Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland has sought to dump on democratically selected candidates, including Chris Crewther, Sam Groth and Renee Heath.

Apparently his wrath is also targeted at libertarian moderate Greg Hunt.

Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland’s concern is that the Liberal Party has become a safe harbour for Mormons and Anglicans, and is willing to stand up in front of the media and make his views known.

As members can be suspended for discussing revealing internal Liberal Party issues to the press, increasing questions are being raised over why the rantings of Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland have not yet brought him into jeopardy. But times have changed!

No one can blame Keith Platt for doing his job. However, Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland is bringing the party into serious disrepute with his wacky accusations and conspiracy theories.

It is well known locally that just two short years ago David Morris had general support from every party member under 400 years old.

What changed? Why has Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland got so upset? Is it because the little gang of Cowboy Pete Angelico, Big Barry and Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland now don’t have the local pull the used to? Were Steve ‘Little Hitler’ Holland’s ambitions so fragile that he now has to resort to opening up a second front against the Liberal Party?

Cowboy Pete doesn’t like Chris Crewther either, but at least he hasn’t gone to the media about it, though some would say that putting things on Web Warriors may as well count for public statements, considering the amount of infiltrators, spies and leaks there. (Not helped by Daniel Andrews’ mother in law, Dictator Jan.)

As the party is haemorrhaging members due to internal disputes exacerbated by rampant factionalism, and considering that the party is trying to win an election, Steve ‘Little Hitler’ should follow in the footsteps of so many others and find a political party that would welcome a bit of press coverage. Perhaps ‘Little Hitler’ will find some followers in Coburg, Brunswick or Heidelberg.

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