Victorian LP picks up AFL reporter

Victorian LP picks up AFL reporter

The Victorian Liberal Party is desperate for media cut-through.

The media and politics are vicious fields of play.

It’s a leadership issue.

The Opposition Leader’s office has aligned itself with the woke leader of the Collingwood Football Club, Mark Korda. Things are getting desperate. Mark Korda is Michael O’Brien’s mate.

Of course, Ian Anderson, who is infamous in party circles for taking all the branch and electorate conference funds to pay for the amenities was a former Chief Finance Officer for the AFL. Why didn’t he stay in that lucrative role?

And the Opposition Leader’s office continues its tradition of picking up AFL “retreads”. This time, some bloke named Mark Stevens (who is recovering from a serious operation).

Stevens, a Channel Seven footy reporter, is not exactly a cut through media personality. He was also barred from entering Queensland to cover the AFL in 2020, even though other reporters were allowed in.

There’s a big gulf between sports reporting and political media. But the Opposition Leader’s office must be a cash machine for the jock strap network. Is this really value for money?

Sports fans can stay tuned to see how this one pans out. At this point the state election looks like it’s going to be a repeat. The Opposition Office just can’t kick those goals.