Victorian Opposition at sea while state locks down

China-controlled petty dictator of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has declared another severe shut down of the state.

At the same time, Liberal Opposition Leader O’Brien took some of his colleagues on a fishing trip.

The very moment when the Opposition should be present to call out China’s menacing influence in Victoria, and speaking out in the media against incompetence and deliberate bungling of managing the coronavirus pandemic, the Opposition was “out to sea”.

Several MPs have revealed that the “love in” on what is now being termed the “love boat” was planned many weeks ago, and that objections were being raised at the time that the fishing trip would not be a good look.

In many ways, the Opposition have become lackeys for “China Dan”, as events in recent months show:

  1. The Opposition Leader O’Brien made a rare appearance on Sky News in 2020 where he announced that the Premier of Victoria “was not doing enough”.
  2. Leaked WhatsApp messages revealed that Mr O’Brien was extremely terse with Federal MPs because of their legislating against the Belt and Road Initiative, which had been signed on to by the Victorian Premier.
  3. Opposition media has been very quiet in general, and has not spoken against China and only belatedly pointed out problems with the Premier’s first lockdown in Victoria a year ago. The Opposition, except for a few exceptions, have failed to have any effect voice in the media.
  4. Those Victorian MPs who have spoken out have been ostracised by or are on the outer to O’Brien’s minority faction. (The Herald Sun has openly speculated that the Opposition Leader’s time is over. Leading Liberal Party figures including Jeff Kennett, Michael Kroger, Josh Frydenberg’s spokesman, Tim Smith and many others are known to be extremely critical and unhappy with O’Brien’s disappointing performance.)

Mr O’Brien’s office did release a press statement, though Mr O’Brien remained “on retreat” staying at the exclusive Moonah Links golf club. The Opposition statement took a backhanded swipe at Liberal Party members who had taken to social media to protest Daniel Andrews’ latest lockdown. Mr O’Brien’s statement was seen as a rebuke against those who have been calling for Daniel Andrews’ resignation, denigrating vocal Liberal Party members who were antivaxxers and those who came from faith backgrounds by stating that they should not expect “miracles”.

“O’Brien is out of step with the mood of the [Liberal] Party and with what is happening in Victoria,” one senior Liberal said. “We are in lockdown and [O’Brien] has the temerity to lecture [Party] members about how they should address Daniel Andrews from a luxury suite at a golf resort.”

“We’ve often commented that the Premier is China’s man, but now we are seeing the Opposition Leader as a Manchurian Candidate,” the Liberal insider said.

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