Victorian State Director exposed


Victorian State Director exposed

In the past few days, through a series of confidential meetings, it can now be disclosed that State Director of the Victorian Liberal Party has been in a relationship. Sources close to the situation have been careful to describe the relationship as consensual.

The Victorian State Director has held the position through the past few tumultuous years, and does not have much support throughout all levels of the party in his role. Particularly, members cite deliberate interference, taking jobkeeper while working at a pub in Tasmania in the past two years and huge blunders with the online system records.

According to one highly placed co-worker the Victorian Liberal Party secretariat, the replacing of the State Director has been on the cards for some time. It is understood that Sam McQuestin hopes to pick up a role in Canberra, but the recent loss of Federal Government has made roles scarce.

On top of all this, the exposing of Sam McQuestin’s activities related to a sexual relationship with another person is viewed as being part of the emotional stress that Sam McQuestin has been enduring for a lengthy period of time.

As former State Director, Simon Frost, is known to confess, it isn’t easy being State Director. As a leading party member once said, to take over from Damien Mantach would have been a tough gig. The role at the best of times is often regarded as “unenviable”.

There is a growing view that the time has come to put Sam McQuestin to pasture. With the current events and other failings and indiscretions, the ledger is now marked completely against the once “high flyer”. (Or, as many know, “frequent flyer”.)

“A state director needs to be on the ball,” one former senior party figure explained. “McQuestin is only there because Robert Clark uses him as his own private secretary. Everything else in the place [257] is delegated to junior staff. Last month McQuestin left the camera on after a Zoom call, and a meeting attendee observed him snoozing in his office. Admittedly that’s pretty human, but I am not so sure how he can grease ball his way out of these latest happenings. This issue is best left with the Admin Committee.”

Details of Mr McQuestin’s relationship are being kept confidential for now in order to protect the identity of the other person.

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