Victoria’s Opposition divided against China

Victoria’s Liberal Opposition Leader has blasted the Federal Liberal Government for their move to rip up Victoria’s signing on to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Michael O’Brien, who holds the title of Leader of the Opposition, does very little opposing towards China and has gone so far as to attack the Federal Government for dealing with the problem of Victorian Premier Andrews’ love for China.

While Andrews continues to attempt to hand over the future of Victoria to China, as evidenced by his recent approval of a Chinese government owned smelter to be built in the Latrobe Valley, half of the Victorian Liberal Opposition calls it dangerous while the other half are deathly quiet.

Something is very wrong with the Victorian Opposition which does so little that it almost looks as if it is in tacit agreement with the far Left and pro-Chinese Andrews state government.

Every day during the COVID-19 crisis, Daniel Andrews was holding North Korean style press conferences. During that same period Michael O’Brien made less than a handful of public appearances, and one in which he said that “Daniel Andrews was not going far enough”.

Not doing enough? Daniel Andrews pushes far left and pro-Chinese policies every day, and the so-called Leader sways about while his own side have a bigger profile than he does. Primary movers against China and Daniel Andrews’ agenda are Tim Smith, Matthew Guy and Beverley McArthur. Why do these MPs have the guts to call out Dictator Dan’s disastrous pro-China policies while other MPs are on permanent mental vacation? Middling MPs could do a lot more to show some real fight. But most of the rest of the Opposition MPs seem like they belong in the Labor Right and don’t seem to mind China too much.

Tim Smith has called out Daniel Andrews’ favouritism toward the Latrobe Valley smelter, calling it “another sweetheart deal for a communist China state-owned entity”.

If the Opposition Leader is unwilling to call out Dictator Dan and Communist China then perhaps it is because there is some love there for the Dictator and Communism.

As things stand, Labor is likely to win November 2022’s election blindfold. A win by Labor is a win for China.

Some good suggestions have been publicised:

  1. Replace any do nothing Opposition Leader with a real leader.
  2. Candidates should be preselected on merit, not on petty factional allegiances, nor ticking diversity boxes. That includes calling time on any MPs underperforming or unwilling to be real team players.
  3. End factional ego-tripping by a few self-entitled MPs and their factional hacks, who spend all their time and effort on causing splits and persecuting sections of their party instead of fighting the ALP.
  4. The Victorian Liberals must develop policy and portray themselves as a viable choice for governance, not a rag tag pack of lazy self-entitled nobodies.
  5. Get tough on China and call Daniel Andrews out for what he is.

Most importantly, the entire leadership of the Liberal Party in Victoria must get their act together now if Victoria is to ever again be more than a one-party Communistic state.

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