Vox pops

Vox pops

What do the Liberal supporting public think of the lack of leadership in the Victorian Liberal Party?


“Poor dreary Clark as exciting and energetic as a wet lettuce. Surely Victorian Liberals aren’t that dull to want more of the same to be uninspiring and time in Opposition.”


“Well [Clark] has done a hopeless job, the LNP are invisible and need someone with courage like Kennett to stand up to all the soft wets.”


“Robert Clark’s record speaks for itself and it is one of abject failure. No doubt Kennett will clean out the rabble and he will need a pretty big broom. Keeping Clark is pure self protection by a bunch of duds who are well past their use by dates. … Best thing Mr Clark can do for Vic LNP is pack his drawer.”


“I remember Robert Clark was the member for Box Hill and was my member, and he was a light weight member, a do nothing member who stayed too long.”


“Of course Kennett’s push upsets some other state liberals (i.e. wets). They are very contented in opposition and have no desire to win government and save Victoria from Andrews.”


“You would like to think so, but you know he is a credible threat to Andrews and his Socialists.”


“Mr Clark needs to consider the good of the Party, rather than his personal ego, something big has to change in Victoria if they want to beat Andrews, and as it stands now, under Clark, nobody even knows who the Victorian opposition are, so voting them into office is unlike to happen.“


“Continuing to do the same and expecting different results is a sign of madness. Vic Libs need to try something different.”


“Well somebody had better do something cause the way they are going the Victorian Liberal party will be out of government for a whole generation or more. … It all boils down to the party leadership. Install a charismatic leader who instils public confidence and effectively manages the message and media and the Vic Libs are back in town.”


“Clark has achieved nothing in the many years he has been at the helm. He was a key member in a one-term government which did nothing except switch leaders midway. If he has any loyalty to the party, he will give way.”


“For God’s sake, the Victorian Liberal Party needs a complete shakeup.”


“The Liberal Party in Victoria is a shambles and keeping Robert Clark as State President will keep it in its present state. Cleaning out the dead wood of lazy, long serving seat warmers to make way for some fresh, energetic and competent new talent is desperately needed and Clark has shown that he is not prepared to bite that bullet. I can name a swag of safe Liberal seats in both Houses of the State Parliament that are held by individuals who offer nothing to the Party other than another term, or two, in Opposition.”


“Clark who?”


“If you want to keep getting the result you have got keep doing the things you’ve been doing. Liberal voters in Victoria have been seriously let down by their elected representatives. Ineffective and hopeless.”


“Unless the Victorian Liberals do something and do it quickly and decisively they will be in opposition for a long time. Robert Clark is hopeless as president, if he where any good the Libs would be in power, time to get out and let somebody with a track record take over.”


“Mr Clark has had the impact of a feather pillow.”




“Robert Clark has had his opportunity and has almost destroyed the state Liberal party.”


“O’Brien has been a dead loss in the past year. We have barely heard from him and he offers no real alternative government. He simply does not seem to get media traction. As such, we need a real shake up if we are to have any semblance of alternative Gov’t to the Andrews mess that we are in.”


“I must say, that I have never heard Mr Clark say anything at all.”


“The current Vic LNP leader (?) does not seem to have any presence, he should step aside for the good of the party.”


“Rebuild needed, not a cheap renovation.”


“Well, Mr Clark may say he is conservative but we know the company he keeps. As a leader of the State Liberal party he has been a dismal failure and must go.”


“Clark is part of the problem. One of the main reasons the Libs in Victoria are an ineffective rabble.”


“Robert Clark was our local member for years and achieved very little, it is time for him to go.”


“God knows the Liberal Party in Victoria needs some leadership!”


“Just another example on how dysfunctional the Liberal Party is in Victoria.”


“There in monumental failure here and the powerbrokers who oversaw this need to be replaced. Time for change is long overdue.”


“Clark hasn’t achieved much in many years although how much say he has in the nonentities that have led the party in Victoria is anyone’s guess.”

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