Waking up about China

Waking up about China

It has taken more than a year, but at last ordinary Australians are waking up to the China-backed agenda. First, the China-backed agenda that COVID is so scary it is worth destroying your country for it. Second, that COVID came about by accident.

While China has a lot to answer for, the institutional left, the media and communist sympathisers have a lot to answer for.

Left-leaning figures in the Australian Labor Party are now saying that the Australian Government is trying to provoke an armed conflict with China.

One state Premier has gone so far into extremes claiming that the Morrison Government was “insane” and “off the planet”.

In the face of a series of economically damaging decisions, such as prolonged lockdowns, the Australian Government is now calling for international bodies like the World Trade Organisation to be divested of Chinese control, and that they should push back against China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour.

The relationship between China and the West has soured dramatically in recent years, with Australia not immune from China’s economic warfare against trade with Australia.

There has been a gradual awakening at all levels of Australian society. Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo warned earlier this year “the drums of war are beating”, while Defence Minister Peter Dutton has said a conflict with China “should not be discounted”.

However, Labor Party figures remain faithful to China, and feel compelled to criticise Australia’s sensible approach to China and the general awaking among the population. One ALP leader said, “I have never heard something so insane in my life … The idea that somehow we should be promoting armed conflict with a superpower is madness”.

There is a significant barrier now between the left, who think that Australia’s reaction to China’s aggression is “absolute madness” and reality.

Questions have begun to surface as to what length or degree political bodies and organisations in Australia are beholden to China for funding. It has long been known that certain members of the Australian Labor Party were essentially in bed with China. Some disturbing information has come to light in recent months about Victorian Liberal MPs who likewise have been caught up in the Chinese web.

Beijing has previously expressed a long list of grievances with Australia that it said were barriers to better relations, including Mr Morrison’s calls for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, banning Huawei from involvement in the 5G network rollout and accusing the government of “peddling lies” about human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

But Mr Morrison insisted it was China, not Australia, that was standing in the way of better relations.

Australia’s view is that we would be happy to trade with China.

“Australia is providing no barrier to dialogue with China,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Morrison insisted Australia would not budge on its values to appease China, saying Beijing’s grievances were unreasonable. He said that Australia was not going to change how it ran democratically and the free press.

Ordinary Australians are increasingly aware of China’s activities and lies, and if anything are critical that the Federal Government has not done enough to speak out, prepare and act against China.

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