Where are the State Libs?


Where are the State Libs?

With the Federal Liberals in Victoria needing as much support as possible, the State Liberals don’t seem to be doing anything but making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Matthew Guy and the State team could be out every day waving the blue flag and supporting their federal colleagues in the media, at press conferences and on the streets. But they are no where to be seen, except for trying to outdo each other on irrelevant issues.

Instead of being out there fighting for the Federal Coalition Government, they’re wasting time announcing pathetic policy announcements and coming across as a disorganised, fighting each other and making blunder after blunder.

This is likely due to the influence of power hungry Mitch Catlin. Mitch has openly been telling colleagues that he hopes the Liberals lose the Federal election as this will boost Matthew’s chances of coming Premier and hence Mitch’s opportunity to elevate his own stardom.

Mitch is said by insiders to be selfish and more catty than Georgie Crozier.

There is also significant evidence that Mitch is actively sabotaging Josh Frydenberg’s campaign in Kooyong. Everyone knows that Level 1, 157 Spring St, Melbourne, is an action-deficient policy-free zone. So it is awfully strange that Catlin suddenly pushes out gossip against maverick MP Bernie Finn just when Josh Frydenberg is getting good traction in the media. Catlin’s leaks threaten to derail the Federal Election.

Political observers suggest that Mitch Catlin would be the biggest winner if Josh Frydenberg lost his seat. It would make him the most powerful figure within the Liberal Party.

Catlin must be disposed of immediately to avoid two election defeats.

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