WHO report a farce

WHO report a farce

The China-controlled World Health Organisation (WHO) has come out with a most outrageous conclusions to their supposed investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

Their report into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic is not worth the paper it is written on. Some commentators in Australia hint that the virus was designed in a lab and was released in Wuhan. The evidence is damning.

China has attempted to shift the blame away from the release of the virus within their own borders by pointing the finger at Australian frozen beef imports into China. WHO has obligingly agreed.

The communistic bamboo curtain is closed to truth. Instead, WHO scientists under the direct control of the Chinese Communist Party, have made various scurrilous and ridiculous accusations, including blaming Australian food exports.

China has pointed to everyone but itself for the origin of the virus. The virus was not evident in Australia – or any other nation China now points to – before it revealed itself in Wuhan and beyond.

It is a serious piece of “fake news” to claim that meat imports from any nation suddenly and randomly came up the coronavirus. The fact is that the virus began and spread through China.

Australia’s frozen meat exports don’t just go to China, yet somehow they want to say that the virus came from our meat.

According to figures released, Australia’s exports of red meat to China in 2019 were worth about $3 billion, double that of 2018. A quarter of Australia’s beef exports go to China, but trade has fallen by 30 per cent due to the Chinese bans imposed last year.

South West Victoria alone has almost 40 per cent of the state’s beef cattle. The beef industry across Victoria in 2018-19 had a gross value of $2.37 billion.

The false accusation made by WHO is a serious concern and can be seen as an attack on Australian farmers.

China knew of the virus but aided its spread. Daniel Andrews did the same in Victoria. It is like they want the health emergency.

China kept quiet about the virus, let it spread through international flights and silenced and arrested a Chinese doctor and critics who spoke out about the disease. China censored online communication and have done everything to remove or change potential evidence and restrict serious investigation.

There have been serious questions about China’s explanations about the virus from the beginning. It is well known among experts that the Wuhan virology institute has been working on the coronavirus for years and the only question remains whether the release was deliberate or accidental.

WHO’s investigation is not about finding out real answers. Instead, they are running a protection racket for China, who holds the funding bucket and reins of power.

It is time that Australia made it clear that all the Chinese aggression and grandstanding is empty.

The WHO report is offensive and designed to heap further damage on Australia, while failing to establish any role China might have played in the escalation of the virus globally.

No one can trust WHO any more. It is time for the real scientists and military experts to step in. It is time to put China back into its place. Australians support a free export market and personal liberties. This is something which China cannot stop. Australia also needs to assess its relationship with WHO and any other organisation perpetrating intellectual fraud.