With friends like Matthew Guy, who needs enemies?

With friends like Matthew Guy, who needs enemies?

Tim Smith is a self-confessed drunk, idiot and hypocrite.

But at least he is loyal.

Matty and Timmy were friends, so everyone thought.

In better times Matty and Timmy loved drinking together. This was generally at Matty’s house or at the Skinny Dog hotel in Kew. Timmy’s favourite.

In better times, Matty encouraged Timmy to take an Uber home. Sometimes Matty paid for Timmy’s Uber.

For Timmy’s part, he has been there for Matty through thick and thin.

When Matty ate dinner and drank grange with mobsters, Timmy and Timmy’s mate Nicky D were his rock.

When Matty needed introductions to the top end of town to get money for his campaign, it was Timmy who showed him around.

When Matty stepped down after leading the Libs to their worst election defeat in Victoria since the 2002 Brackslide, Timmy provided him with confidence and solace.

When Matty wanted the Vic Libs leadership again in Victoria, it was with Timmy with whom he forged the strategy to get it back.

When Matty’s day came to resume the leadership, it was Timmy who moved the spill motion and put the dagger into Mickey O’B’s heart.

But when Timmy needed Matty, Matty wasn’t there for Timmy.

Matty’s decision not to back Timmy may result in Timmy leaving parliament, who knows?

But whether Timmy stays or goes, Matty’s lack of loyalty has been exposed.

To anyone who thinks that Matty is their friend, beware. And learn the lesson from Timmy’s experience for your own welfare! 

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