Woke Warriors

Woke Warriors

Jan Millard to the right of Robert Clark

Jan Millard, commune mother of the Victorian Liberal Party’s Web Warriors facebook group, has provided a safe haven for increasingly strident left-wing participants.

Jan Millard, a loyal Robert Clark supporter, knows she needs to allow left-wing Liberals because they are the mainstay of the Robert Clark-supporting faction.

Although Web Warriors began some years ago as a sensible, focussed and insightful Liberal group, it has since degenerated into a poor soapbox platform for left-wing anti-Semites, Greenies, cancel culture supporters and lovers of all things woke.

Some of the ideas in this online Woodstock might appeal to Jan and her flannelette-wearing partner. (One too many falls around the home can result in an acquired brain injury, but these can be avoided by wiser lifestyle choices.) If the smoky haze shifts for a minute, Liberals might venture to see how far into the deep forest the rainbow warriors are going.

Angry Jo Fallshaw wrote, “I don’t mind being called a Greenie”.

Some members have been openly critical of Fallshaw’s anti-Semitism in the past. But in the new Woke Warriors the old Liberals don’t participate much now, things have moved far into psychedelic-world.

Fallshaw has gone so far to say that if you don’t support climate change you are “far right”. The IPA and many rational members of the Liberal Party question the whole climate scare activism from the far left. It is simply nonsensical to imply that not being a Greenie is being “alt-right”.

The fact that Fallshaw and her ilk are now attacking normal Liberals for their support of clean nuclear power shows how far to the left the Party is being moved by these social justice warriors. This is the result of left-wing infiltration and branch stacking.

Who is responsible for this mess? Ian Quick. The recruitment activities of Frank Greenstein and Georgie Crozier. The wokepersonship of Michael O’Brien.

Will Jan Millard come to and eject these new “liberals” now doing sit-ins in her group? Or will she continue to allow the Robert Clark-run Party to slide to the left?

Even Dingo group participant Liam Sheanan knows that others can see it.

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