Wolahan sides with Chinese


Wolahan sides with Chinese

Unlike strong Liberals like Andrew Hastie and friends, a new sort of moderate Liberal is now sitting in parliament ready to follow Labor’s lead in cuddling up to China.

Keith Wolahan, whose left-leaning views formed under the Sinn Fein regime in Ireland, is now working vociferously against Australian values by criticising the Liberal Party’s relatively mild stance against China. China has been equally unfriendly toward Australia.

The new MP has already set off alarm bells with his pro-Chinese comments and his criticism of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Rather than attempt to win over Chinese immigrants now living in Australia to side with Australia, Wolahan has publicly condemned the now defeated Liberal Government on the left-leaning ABC radio and in the left-leaning The Age newspaper for making a stand against China.

This excusing of China is a cause of serious concern to the Liberal Party members who had been told that Wolahan was not aligned to the so-called moderates in Canberra. Wolahan has now come out as a complete moderate, which was already evident by Anthony Mitchell and Ian Quick helping him campaign. Wolahan has placed himself completely in the company of the most left-leaning members of the Federal Opposition.

Wolahan, who claims to have strategic knowledge, has criticised John Howard’s support of removing the dangerous Iraq regime, again flagging an outlook many party members would consider dangerous and divisive.

Strangely, factional members close to the disgraced Bernie Finn have come out in support of Keith Wolahan, in what almost appears to be an attempt to excuse his pro-China views.

Wolahan is the latest of a small number of Liberals who hold dissident views on China. Members are now expressing concerns at Keith Wolahan’s lack of honesty over his moderate alignments and the links between himself the Anthony Mitchell grouping are, in the words of one country member, “disturbing”.

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