Women’s Council blasts Robert Clark

Women’s Council blasts Robert Clark

Dear Robert,

On behalf of the Liberal Women’s Council in Victoria I write to voice our strongest objections at your attempts with Ian Quick to place your boot upon the faces of women in this party.

Your proposed constitutional changes and power grab are reprehensible. The Women’s Sections throughout this state will be run by you over our dead bodies.

It is not the Liberal Party’s fault you lost your seat of Box Hill. To take out your anger on party members is unbecoming.

Currently you are running a failed organisation that is taking out its anger on the women of the Party. You are bullying women.

For whatever reason, you have the backing of a State Leader who will not see out his term.

You are at war with Federal women like Sarah Henderson, Jane Hume and Dr Katie Allen.

You brought us to the lowest level.

You have allowed Bernie Finn to abuse us.

You have hypocritically hidden behind women in your arguments for party reform and party discipline.

You will not investigate or punish the many outstanding cases which have been brought to the attention of your office, including:

  • The party members who brought a gun to a federal member’s office and threatened them
  • The bullying of a female member of the Admin Committee
  • The glassing of a member by another party member
  • The aggressive behaviour of a male member towards woman in the party
  • The highly inappropriate sexual behaviour of a member at party headquarters
  • And many other instances.

At the same time you went out of your way to try to punish three party members for minor infractions.

You are a vindictive, embittered man. Last State Council you called the police and security to eject a member from the building.

You are disgusting. The Women’s Council and Women’s Section meetings can run without your input.

We do not need a man like you to tell us what to do.

Many members on the Admin Committee are in meltdown.

The women of this fine party are going to hold onto our place in this party.

You have been warned.


On behalf of Liberal women everywhere.

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