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Your say

Communications from Victorian Liberal Party members and readers are always welcome.

Reader M– questions why Senate hopeful Simon Frost would get Mantach era Admin member Peter McWilliam to write him a reference. Explaining that Mr McWilliam stepped away from heavy political involvement after it was discovered that Damien Mantach had stolen an estimated $4 million under his tenure.

A reader who describes themselves as a non-factional Victorian Liberal Party member has indicated that all sides within the Victorian Liberal Party would like to see the current State Director move on. The following communication has been tightened up for readability and brevity: “I think it’s time Sam McQuestin got his due with some cold hard facts. Firstly, Sam isn’t his real name it’s Charles. Secondly, he’s the Victorian State Director but I calculate he has been in Victoria about 10% of the time he has been State Director even though he gave assurances he would move to Victoria when he got the job. Thirdly, he has been undermining Matthew Guy secretly for the last year in the hopes of sacrificing Matthew so he can move to a plush gig at the Federal Secretariat even though he is now ironically Matthew Guy’s campaign manager. Fourthly, there is a deputy State Director even though no announcement has been made by the party, and there is already friction between them. Finally, he has blown approx. $700K on a new membership system no one has seen. This is the lowest I have seen the party and the most divided. McQuestin and Robert Clark are fully responsible for this and all members need to know what is going on in our party.”

Reader W– confirms that there is a plan by Matthew Guy’s team to replace the current State Director with their preferred option who is currently serving as a Deputy Director. W– also added, “A senior person in the party has copies of the applications for State Director from 2017 including Ian Quick’s resume.”

Reader C– stated that the running of the Casey preselection was “embarrassing”. “It was disorganised, badly managed and they couldn’t even get the sound system to work. This reflects badly on the current Admin Committee leadership.”

Reader S– writes, “We have heard that Peter Adamis has had some computer data issues, and we thought it would be nice to wish Peter all the luck in the world and hope he soldiers on.”

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