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Your say

J– writes, “I used to get the Concerned Liberals newsletter but am not getting Real Freedom News. Could you please add to me to your list again as I find it very interesting and it mirrors many of my views. Why is Okotel still a member of the Party. She should have been expelled ages ago. Disgraceful.”

RFN publishes from a variety of sources and the website is accessible for all who care about real Liberal values, real liberty from bad factionalism and relevant, politically interesting news. Rumour has it that some people in the party are getting into legal troubles.

H– writes, “Ryan Fletcher worked at the Riverine Herald at the same time as green hipster leftist deputy leader of the Nationals, Steph Ryan. Fletcher also wrote for XYZ the well-known alt-right website.

“It is rumoured that the Nats cabal of Peter Walsh and Steph Ryan threatened to cancel the state coalition if MOB was replaced, just like they wanted to blow up the federal Nationals and disaffiliate the Victorian Nats division to protest Barnaby becoming leader.”

The Victorian Nationals have serious problems. With far Left advocacy (e.g. Darren Chester and Steph Ryan) and bureaucratic social agrarianism (Peter Walsh) the Victorian Nationals have abandoned their roots and have the same dictatorial instincts of failed Liberal leaders Robert Clark and Michael O’Brien. The Victorian Liberal Party also has some alt-right nutters.

B– writes, “I know all about Brad Rowswell. The inside story about when he worked for the military supplies company. His family situation. His ‘out of school’ behaviours. His failures as a Shadow Minister, particularly regarding the transmission line issue in Western Victoria. All I will say is that Matthew Guy has done the right thing. Brad isn’t who people think he is.”

RFN is following up on this developing story.

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