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Your views

S– writes, “The information on Sam McQuestin’s antics were very informative. Thank you for providing this news service. Did you know old mate McQuestin decided to wait until 24 hours before State Council to tell Ferntree Gully delegates they were unable to vote. What is their obsession with silencing voices? This level of disorganisation is symbolic of a secretariat in shambles. Two incredibly important elections are happening next year. Gaining 17 seats? Not with McQuestin and Clark.”

W– writes, “Well thank you Stephanie Asher for your big whoop-tee-do campaign launch you invited us all to. Not. You won’t get much support in Corangamite if you continue to treat the members like this. Not happy.”

T.L. writes in response to the story on Sam McQuestin, “1. Why have some State Councillors been balloted three or four times but others not at all? Because it’s random. That’s how random numbers work.”

RFN ANSWER: Michael Kroger instituted the system of randomly exhausting the list rather than just randomly picking the delegates from the full list.

T.L. continues, “2. Sean Armistead’s address is now West Sunshine so he could well be planning to run in Western Metro. But he’d struggle to get past candidate vetting which now looks closely at a candidate’s social media contribution history. He makes Bernie look urbane.”


T.L. continues, “3. Don’t underestimate barrister Lana Collaris in Ashwood. She has the measure of Graham and Asher in many arenas – oratory skills, looks and height – to name just three.”

RFN ANSWER: All seven females in the Victorian Young Liberals might agree with you, but locals are divided between two factions.

T.L. continues, “4. Low level factional operative Michael Rixon may be in some hot water. At a couple of preselections he’s been uncompliant with constitutional rules on circulating defamatory documents and foolishly indiscreet at the same time.”

RFN ANSWER: Mr Rixon is a factional lieutenant under Georgie Crozier. For too long Quick and Clark have been giving get out of jail free cards to their cronies.

S– comments, “I was at the Kew preselection. I have to say that who was supposed to be a good communicator turned out to be a dud, and who was a write off turned out to be the best communicator. It’s actually really surprising. To Jess Wilson I say lighten up, you are a real woman, not a ‘plastic faction man’.”

M– comments, “Pretty good result with the State Assembly votes. A few nasties there, but also a few Quick fans who didn’t make the cut.”

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